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4 Simple Ideas for Las Vegas Homes Fire Prevention

Each year home
electrical problems cause over 28,000 house fires and massive damage to
property. The root cause of these fires are usually electrical wiring, which if properly checked would have prevented the tragedy. 

Electrical safety
factor is an important home safety component that is usually overlooked. The
fact is, this becomes an essential part of any Las Vegas homes safety plan. Awareness, proper education and action,
will go a long way in preventing a fire in your home.  Fixed or faulty wiring or incorrect usage of
electrical cords and also other electrical items are a common cause of most
home fires. 

Here are some electrical safety tips:

  1. Be aware of buzzing noises,
    flickering lights and faceplates which are warm to touch. They are common signs that the
    circuit could be overloaded or wirings could be wearing thin. All of those
    signs need immediate attention of a licensed professional electrician.
  2. Pay attention to your breaker:
    If you’re continually tripping a switch and always resetting your breaker box,
    your property is telling you something. There could be a fixture
    with faulty wiring or excessive power load on the breaker. Again, ask for electrical professional help.
  3. Review and replace: Frayed
    electrical cords, wobbly fans and loose faceplates then to be more than mere
    annoyances. You need to routinely inspect your Las Vegas homes
    and replace or repair items that demand for
  4. Safety First: Every preparation
    and even the newest devices are not really a guaranteed protection against fire. Working smoke detector on all floors of your
    home is a necessity. This will sense abnormal amounts of smoke or gas in the
    air. It can also sense smoldering or burning fires. But remember to check your
    smoke detectors at least once a month and change the battery as needed. The most ignored fire protection tool is the
    Fire Extinguishers. They often times sit in a corner collecting dust. It is important that you know if it is still
    working or out of code because they might not work in time when you need it.

With proper electrical safety awareness and
preparation, many of these fires can be avoidable. Many organizations like The
Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI) gives out information and safety tips for preventing
electrical fire to Las Vegas homes

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