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Conditioning Las Vegas Homes for Winter

DIY shopping and support website Trades
Supermarket said that homeowners including those who own Las Vegas homes
not only trim their lawns during spring weather. They need also to check for
necessary repairs and maintenance not only for Las Vegas homes
and gardens
to look good and safe for summer but also to save money for major improvements
in case those small minor damages will be left neglected.

Tommy Walsh, TV favorite and member of the
Trades Supermarket team noted that the strong winds during the period of winter
months may have affected the secured areas not only outside of Las Vegas homes
but also the inside. Probable areas to be affected are the roofs,
guttering, and fences. Homeowners should make sure that the wooden fence posts
are still intact and is buried properly in the ground and consider applying a
new coat of preservative on them, Walsh suggests. It also a must to check the
guttering, fascias and roof tiles for damage and movement. Leaves and other
debris that will cause clogging may be present, so check for it and clean the
clogged gutters to prevent water leakage. Some of these works will require you
to use a ladder so better ask or consult a professional if you are not
confident on this kind of job.

Walsh also added that you have to check for
the onset of rotten woods especially on sheds and decking. It is also an
important thing to do as this may cause serious damage and injuries to your
household if a collapse will happen.  To
check the decking, look at the posts conditions and ensure that the planking is
properly nailed or screwed in the proper place. With sheds, inspect not only
the woods used to stand it but also the roofing. Check if it would shrink or
ripped anytime soon. Repair it or replace it with new one if necessary. This is
to avoid further damage to the wood or the shed’s contents that may gain cause
serious problems such as damage and injuries. If the decking and sheds only
need a re-application of a fresh coat of a preservative treatment, be sure that
you wash the wood first with stiff brush and do a lightly sanding, Wash

Walsh said that “Doing maintenance checks
around the home are jobs that are often put off until ‘next weekend’ but many
of these checks are for safety reasons. You don’t want to risk any accidents or
end up spending more money having to replace things, like your fascias or
decking, in the long run.”

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